I’ll Be Back!

I left SIACAD Pte Ltd on 30th November 2017. There has been no announcement from SIA. And I was told that I shouldn’t announce it. It never bothered me although I spent 18 years building up the company, software solutions and user base. That’s all over for me.

Several companies have been asking me to join them. I was already too busy with my new venture “Grow Systems” for edibles / super nutrition. Besides that, I really needed a change. 30 years in IT and software development is really a long haul / long track record.

I got even more calls in January 2019. Perhaps they heard that my 12 months non-compete obstacle is over. Since end 2018, I have patented and licensed my “Grow Systems” to a “green” company to manufacture, market and support. I do have more spare time now. So I said “What the heck? I’ll be back!”

But I will be back on my own terms. No more 9-5 working hours. No more having to answer to a “group”. No more being a member of an “institute”. It has to be something really worthwhile doing.

I'll Be Back02b

I also wanted to come back in a fun way. Hence the James Cameron inspired theme for the “Coming Soon” teaser of my website. The backdrop image reminded me of Chris Carter’s X-Files, hence “The truth is out there!”. Feel free to decipher what you wish from that very iconic statement.

I sent the link of the top image to several close friends with a “Guess Who?” remark. Most knew that only guy will pull something like this.

Several didn’t get the “X-files” part so I changed it to “Thuminator X”. Which actually is a version number.

I'll Be Back03c

Here’s the final teaser – “Upgraded Version”. It’s inspired by the final scene in Terminator 5 where “pops” falls into a vat of liquid metal and appears upgraded with “mimetic poly alloy components similar to that of the T-1000”. Naturally, an upgraded version should have new features:

  • Stronger: “Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”. The greater the odds, the stronger you get.
  • Faster: There is no way not to be faster nowadays with faster computers, internet and communications.
  • Younger: I actually teach people how to grow healthier and younger. It’s possible.

This website will be launched on 4/4/2019 for very specific reasons. It will be authored and completed within a day outside of Singapore. I love challenges.

For my friends who have been encouraging me and following up with me since I left, thank you for your support. This series of coming soon teasers and this entire website is dedicated to you.

For the followers of the Terminator cult, do watch out for T6: Dark Fate on 1st November 2019. It’s conceived and produced by James Cameron. It reunites the original team – Arnold as Terminator T-800 “Model 101” and Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conor. In summary…

They’ll Be Back!