Check Values


This module is where you start with populating your IFC-SG parameters with the required values.

You may chose to view objects and fill in values as required. Or you may use the ONE click automatic filling up with default values

Defining IFC-SG parameters is only part of the requirements.

You need to populate the parameters with some values for them to be able to be exported out in IFC format.

This module helps you achieve this automatically with ONE click!

Click here to learn more.

This is the ONE click you need to populate the IFC-SG parameters with some default values

Click here to learn more.

This lists out all the objects in the project and enables you to manually fill in your preferred values.

This is a Cancel command

Option 1: Populate IFC-SG Default Parameters Value

This option will automatically populate your IFC-SG parameters with default values.

The current version is based on the 300 ruleset released by GovTech for Beta Testing. These 300 rulesets are still in development and some of the parameters and values have not been finalised. As such you may see some discrepancies. We would most appreciate it if you could report this to us using the “Comments” section below. Together we can make this initiative more effective.

Option 2: Open element list

This option lists out a summary of objects in your projects that do not have all the values for the IFC-SG Parameters. You can then decide to define the values as required.

Click on Option 1

BTW, you can follow this example by opening:

It will pop up the IFC-SG Toolbox will float about your screen

You can resize this dockable window by dragging the left edge

Then drag the entire dock to the right side where it will stay


Click on an element to edit

Here's how it should dock to the right side

This is a list of the elements in your projects

Or use the Search

Search phrase

Here's a list of curtain walls in your project

Properties will not be shown yet

Please switch to the properties browser

1) Click this

2) Properties will be shown here

3) The element will also be highlighted

4) Element properties but you won't be able to edit here

5) You edit here

1) Make changes here

2) Will be updated here

3) To change several elements of the same type, check on "Type"

1) All the same curtain walls will be grouped together. Click this.

2) Default values for all the curtain walls

3) All curtain walls will be higlighted

1) Make changes as required

2) All elements of the same "Type" will be updated

1) Verify the changes by clicking on curtain walls in the model

2) The values will be the same

1) Instead of clicking on the element list

2) You can click on an object in your model

3) Here are the values

4) The same in the property browser

5) Please feel free to experiment with the different approaches

Option 3: Ignore and continue

Cancel isn’t something complex that requires a section on its own. Just a note that checking and filling IFC-SG values may take sometime to complete if it’s a large project.

For more on IFC-SG Documentation, please click here.

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