Export IFC


This module exports your project out in the IFC format.

Besides just an outright export, you have an option to check the values for your IFC Parameters. This is important because BIM software won’t export out IFC parameters without values.

This command is similar to the File/Export/IFC command in Revit.

That standard command requires several clicks and you need to know which "Content selected setup:" and a whole lot of nitty gritty stuff. Not everybody's regular cup of tea!

With our command here, you can do it all in just ONE click!

Before we click any of the 3 options, please take a look a this message. It shows you the number of objects you have and how many of them do NOT have IFC-SG Values

IFC Parameters which do not have any Values will not be exported out in BIM Software. Hence, it's best to verify the values and input as required.

It will pop up a File Dialog box so that you can decide on the folder and file name.

To learn more about this option, please click here.

Click on this option to go ahead and export out your IFC without verifying the values.

To learn more about this option, please click here.

This will pop up a dialog box with the list of objects that do not have values for some of the IFC-SG parameters.

To learn more about this option, please click here.

Cancel the export.

Option 1: Proceed to Export IFC4-DTV

This is our internal IFC export utility which bypasses all the complexities and jumps straight to export.

Click on "Save" to confirm

Use default filename or enter your own

Use the default folder or browse to the folder of your chosing

Click on this option to open your exported IFC file in your default IFC Viewer

After a while (which can be just minutes or more than 1 hour depending on the size of your project, you will be presented with this dialog box:

In this example, we have installed BIMVision and set it up as our default IFC Viewer

Click on on object, e.g. the floor slab

You will see the IFC-SG Parameters here, complete with the values you have defined.

If you do not have BIMVision installed, you may want to visit the bimvision.eu site to download the installer. Click here to jump straight there!

Option 2: View Summary of Objects

This option lists out a summary of objects in your projects that do not have all the values for the IFC-SG Parameters. You can then decide to define the values as required.


Narrow down your list by keying in a search phrase

Here is a list of objects in your project

You may want to group them by "Type"

This shows the list of objects based on your search phrase

Click on this to view the properties

Now, all the objects matching the search phrase "casement" will be group into the same "type"

Here are the IFC-SG Properties. You may proceed to edit the values.

Edited values are applied and updated immediately to the objects

Once you are satisfied with the values, you may proceed to Export to IFC

Please refer to Option 1 regarding how this export works. Click here to go to Export/option 1

Option 3: Cancel

Cancel isn’t something complex that requires a section on its own. Just a note that this is a helpful option especially if you’re not ready to export. Big projects may take hours to export!

For more on IFC-SG Documentation, please click here.

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