While most employers agree that training for staff is important, many still find it expensive. Employees attending training sessions also miss out on work. In addition, many trainers may know the subject well but may not know the correct way to train. Hence, the reluctance of many employers to send employees for training.

In Singapore, eventually all trainers will be required to be ACTA qualified. We are ACTA qualified and know the correct techniques for training employees. We develop customised and structured training program that best matches your employee’s job requirements. Our approach is “Blended Training” – a hybrid teaching technology that combines traditional classroom led training with online follow-up and support. As such our training is not just one event but a continuous learning journey for your employee.

The benefits of customised and structured blended training are:

  • Improved employee performance
  • Gain knowledge and learn new skills
  • Addressing employee weaknesses
  • Employee job satisfaction
  • It is expensive to lose employees
  • Trained employees are more effective

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Most 3D and BIM software are known as “horizontal applications” – they target a large number of users with different knowledge and skill sets. They typically do not offer task-specific features. You can still arrive at the results you desire by combining several steps and perhaps using in conjunction with other software. These extra steps take up valuable time and may not produce accurate or consistent results especially if you miss out on a few of the steps.

We specialise in “vertical customisation”. We study the results you want to achieve and the steps taken to arrive at the results. We then develop an “add-on” that will work within your application software. This add-on will perform all these steps automatically and will also check for accuracy and consistency of the results. This will save your employee valuable time which can be redirected for other important tasks.

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3D Printing

3D Printing

3D software is now commonly used in design practices. While you can design virtually in 3D, nothing beats viewing, holding and feeling a real 3D object. You can now 3D Print your designs.

3D Printers are not new. They have been around for at least 30 years. In fact, 3D Printers have been touted as being a vital part of the 4th industrial revolution. But back then they were expensive and not easy to use. It’s only since 2018 that they have become more affordable and powerful. The advantages of using 3D Printing for design practices are:

  • Your clients can visualise your designs better
  • Save time creating prototypes or scaled models
  • Easily re-edit, re-use and re-print your designs
  • You can test out complete 3D designs

While the cost of 3D Printers have dropped in price recently, starting up your 3D Printing department on your own can be costly. There have been many cases of the 3D Printers left idle, becoming white elephants. Our experience in 3D Printing comes from real hands-on assembling of large format 3D Printers from kits, using different 3D design and “slicing” software to get better quality prints and trouble shooting. We can help you by:

  • Evaluating and selecting the 3D Printer best suited to your requirements
  • Providing consultancy on how to set up your 3D Printing department
  • Training your team on how to optimise your 3D Printing
  • Trouble shooting complex 3D models for 3D Printing

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